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At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, students discover first-hand what it is like to be a lawyer by working in one of our several "live-client" clinics, serving small businesses and entrepreneurs, artists and inventors, or struggling veterans.

In addition, the law school's externship program offers opportunities with practicing attorneys for hands-on legal experience and academic credit.

Finally, our Career Services Office is comprised of counselors who have all been working lawyers and have the knowledge and experience to help students build a successful career through internships and job placements

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One of the many ways students can get hands on experience at Thomas Jefferson is through the live clinics that we offer.

The Live Client Clinic is one of the most exceptional experiences that I had as a student here. It gets you exposure, so that was the first time I went into court and spoke in front of a judge. I really was the student attorney, so it really put me in that mindset and in that role. And even to this day, I use those same skill sets.

The externship opportunities at Thomas Jefferson are limitless. For the governmental, you can work at the district attorney's office, the public defender's office, or you can extern at a courthouse. For the private sector, you can work at a civil litigation firm or a criminal defense firm. The Career Service Office counselors are all former practicing attorneys, and so they know what employers are expecting and they know how to adequately prepare students to meet the expectations of future employees.

I call the professors to this day, and really utilize them as my mentors on what do I do now. And they just have open the doors with welcoming arms just like they did on day one.

Real-World Experience


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