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Diversity is the lifeblood of our law school. It isn’t an option; it’s an on-going commitment that comes from our core values. Students of color are a significant portion of our student body, and first generation students are given a chance to flourish at our law school. In addition, non-traditional students thrive in our part-time programs.

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The diversity of the school is unique, because it allows for more special conversations in the classroom, special conversations amongst our peers not just from a geographical standpoint, but also from ethnic, religion, different walks of life. And this school really embodies it.

I am a first generation law student. Nobody in my family is an attorney or in the legal field. And so the school welcomed me with open arms, and they guided me through until I could find my own identity within the legal community. So the support system here is exactly what I needed and exactly at the right time.

Thomas Jefferson School of Law has a very strong part time program. They do accommodate students that are currently in a career, and so there's a lot of night time classes that are available, as well as daytime classes and resources that you can use at all hours of the day. I've been at the school, I think, the doors open at 7:00 in the morning and they close at midnight. So whenever you're ready to do some work, Thomas Jefferson is here for you.

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