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Thomas Jefferson School of Law is committed to helping students minimize the costs of attending school. All scholarships are guaranteed to first-time entering students and are based on the student’s highest LSAT score and cumulative undergraduate grade-point average, as reported on the student’s Credential Assembly Service Report at the time of application. An entering student is guaranteed to retain his or her scholarship as long as he or she remains enrolled. There is no need to submit a separate scholarship application.

Our scholarships are transparent; you can find what your scholarship will be before you apply by viewing our Scholarship Matrix.

Our Continuing Student Scholarships reward first year academic excellence and can increase scholarship amounts for those who perform well.

Hi everyone. My name is Diana Laranang and I'm a 3L here at Thomas Jefferson School of Law and I'm originally from New York. The financial aid here at Thomas Jefferson is really good. We have something called a merit scholarship. I looked at Thomas Jefferson's web site. It has their merit scholarship rubric on there. And so based off of my undergrad GPA and my LSAT score, I knew exactly what I was going to get coming here. Usually people do not get to keep their scholarship all three years, or they have to meet a certain GPA requirement, or be at the top of their class.

But here the merit scholarship is guaranteed all three years and you don't have to meet a certain GPA or be a certain rank to keep it. So you're guaranteed to keep your scholarship all three years.

I feel like this the school has done a good job as far as notifying us when there's other scholarships available outside of the law school or when there's scholarships available within the law school. And there and there's always plenty.

The scholarship does provide a generous amount to students. In my situation, it pays for 2/3 of my tuition and that's one of the reasons I love coming to Thomas Jefferson because I feel like I get to focus on my education and not be worried about the burden of finances.


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