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Thomas Jefferson is renowned for its highly accessible, world-class faculty with excellent experience and credentials, many from top ten law schools. The faculty is prolific in its publication of scholarly works, including more than 550 scholarly articles and books collectively. The published professors are ranked in the top 24.5% for all-time Social Science Research Network downloads. In addition, our faculty speak at presentations and panel discussions. Their extensive scholarship allows our professors to act as mentors for students and young lawyers seeking to make a difference in the legal community.

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The Social Science Research Network is a database of scholarship from professors around the country. And Thomas Jefferson is ranked roughly around 24.5% downloads nationwide. That's a pretty impressive figure. We are a very productive, active faculty that is committed to scholarship.

Faculty publish all sorts of scholarship. We've got faculty working in areas from patent law, to international law, to criminal law, articles that have been cited by other academics by courts.

So our faculty are very active. They appear in national conferences. They are giving testimony on the Hill. They are writing legislation. You can see the invitations that we get nationwide to join conferences, to join symposia.

We really think of ourselves as teachers who are very much focused on our students. So when we do our scholarship, we're really doing that so that we can bring that experience, those lessons, back into the classroom with our students.

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