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The legal curriculum offers outstanding preparation for the practice of law. It includes its two recently revised Centers for Academic Excellence:

  • The Center for Criminal Law and Policy
  • The Center for Intellectual Property, Entertainment & Sports Law

Both Centers have achieved prominence in their fields, expanding student opportunities through certificate programs, conferences and timely speaker programs.

Thomas Jefferson Law also offers a M.S.L. and LL.M. (Master of Laws) degree with three different concentrations, as well as a J.S.D. program.

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We have several different centers of academic excellence at Thomas Jefferson. The three most prominent are those that also are tied to our student fellowship program, our Center for Criminal Law and Policy, our Center for Sports Law and Policy, and our Center for Law and Intellectual Property.

It's important for our students to specialize in a particular field of law, as in becoming a law fellow, because in your second or third year, you get access to specialized classes. You get first dibs / priority at those classes. And then when it comes to internships and externships, you work closely with the law school to get access at those. So if you really know what you want to do, that help with your career early on. Students can get involved in the legal centers early on in their legal career. They would sign up for the program, and then while they're here at Thomas Jefferson, they'll get exposure to that area of law and access at taking the classes within their specialty.

All of our centers gives students the opportunity to earn a certificate in that area by taking certain classes and writing their paper in an area of interest to them. And those centers certificates really can help in terms of securing that first job, because they show potential employers that they really know that area of the law.

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Legal Specialties

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