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Our student-centered academic program is engaging and interactive, and offers a balanced, comprehensive curriculum that will prepare our students for practice in any field, whether it is law, government, business, or social service.

Central to our program of legal education are our professors, who are student-centered and accessible with open-door policies. Particularly in first-year classes, they typically offer past exams through online test banks, and they frequently work with student Learning Assistants who share how they succeeded in the class.

The Academic Success Program is an office staffed by professors who provide counseling and workshops to help students succeed in law school and on the bar exam. One of the key strengths of our Academic Success Program is the instructional methodology that teaches you not only what to study but how to study in law school.

We tailor our academic program to your needs, and we offer academic support across the curriculum.

Do they have malice? Can you establish malice? That's law.

The professors at Thomas Jefferson School of Law are very approachable and accessible. All of them have an open door policy, and I know firsthand that if you need help in any way, shape, or form with academics, life, or career choices, they are there for you.

The Academic Support Program, or ASP as we call it, actually help students simply with giving practice exams. They also offer workshops on multiple choice. That's critical, because a lot of the success on the bar exam depends upon multiple choice test taking skills and to be able to strategically work through questions. It is not just knowing the law. It is knowing how to apply the law and then knowing how to have testing skills on top of it.

The Academic Support Program in addition to the bar prep program makes sure that the student's needs are met on an individual basis. They tailor their program to the individual student.

It is a ongoing intensive relationship that we have with each individual student to make sure that they're being held accountable for their work and making sure that they are comprehending the material. It is an important and a solemn commitment that we make with each student to see that they're on the right track.

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